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Top 5 trends of interior design Vietnam will take the throne in 2022

Every year, new and better interior design Vietnam trends emerge. The workplace design will alter depending on the significant concerns or new lifestyles that emerge during the year. In the past 2 years, Vietnam has been quite severely affected by the Covid-19 epidemic, which has also led to significant changes in many industries to adapt to the “new normal” lifestyle, including interior design. The epidemic also created some trends in office furniture to improve and protect employees. Let’s take a look at the office interior design trends that will take the throne in 2022!

1. Office model ensures “2M distance” in interior design Vietnam

Businesses must increase their awareness and take adequate measures to guarantee the health of their employees in light of the challenging scenario created by the Covid-19 epidemic.

Businesses that want to operate must commit to complying with the principle of social distancing. That’s why the 2M office usage model became so popular. To put it simply, this model ensures that each employee will keep a sufficient distance of 2 meters from each other. This model’s implementation not only serves to protect everyone’s health and reduces the chance of infection, but it’s also a requirement that enterprises must follow in the “new normal” state.

This 2m office design also seems to create a more open space, avoiding stuffiness. However, to achieve this, businesses must choose transparent glass, this is a way to not only bring an airy and luxurious space but also protect their employees from the epidemic. In addition, there is also a type of shield that is now chosen by many businesses, which is a plastic shield, which both ensures interaction within the company while providing a safe space.

The interior design and arrangement of tables and chairs also play an important role in this office model. In order to make the best use of the space but still ensure the distance, the tables and chairs should be staggered to create a space, you can put green trees between those gaps to create a green space.

2. Open space office design

Open space in interior design Vietnam

Open space in interior design Vietnam

In the present pandemic condition, open space is a fantastic choice. This is an excellent example of indoor-outdoor space coexistence. When you hear about open space, you will immediately think of outdoor offices. That’s right! Open space helps prevent the spread of many different viruses, protecting everyone’s health. In addition, this type of space is also responsible for creating ventilation, helping air to circulate and cool.

The most commonly applied measure in the design of open space offices is to take advantage of windows and glass doors. The window system should be arranged optimally and reasonably to ensure sufficient natural light and increase ventilation for the space. Replacing concrete and wooden walls with transparent glass walls, or plastic partitions is also a good choice.

This interior trend has many advantages such as: making it easier for everyone in the company to interact with each other, eliminating the distinction between high and low levels in the company, making everyone more sociable and united.

3. Interior design with striking, bold colors

Applying floating colors to the design enhances creative inspiration for employees

Applying floating colors to the design enhances creative inspiration for employees

Floating colors were practically rarely employed in workplace design in past years due to their limited application. For interior elements, the floating color gamut is believed to be challenging to mix and match.

However, in recent years, the trend of office interior design using bold and prominent colors is very popular. Even when using bold colors, you should still choose light tones, avoid using dark colors that make the office heavy, gloomy and lack of youthfulness.

According to interior design experts, when combining these outstanding colors in office design, it will create a more attractive space. This will also create excitement and increase creativity for employees when working at the office. However, to get the most perfect space with this style, simply mixing colors is indispensable. You should alternately use light and striking colors to create harmony in the design.

4. Green office interior design Vietnam

The space is covered with trees and miniatures

The space is covered with trees and miniatures

This design trend is no longer strange to us. The green office space is covered with natural elements such as trees, fish tanks, miniatures. In large workplaces, you can build a distinct green space in addition to placing trees on the desk. Take advantage of the gaps in tiny workplaces to decorate with trees to make the room more breezy while also benefiting the environment and keeping the space clean. Green-style offices are a design trend that will last for many years to come. 

5. Model combining working space and living space

Combined space creates comfort for employees

Combined space creates comfort for employees

Employees will feel relaxed and unburdened thanks to the approach of merging working and home space. Employees will feel more at ease in that environment. Businesses in the creative industry are the most likely to use this strategy.

Some offices choose to design more bookshelves, tea and water making areas, design more nap areas for employees, arrange refrigerators, etc. All the familiar everyday elements when put into the office will create a feeling of comfort and convenience, helping employees maximize work efficiency.


Above are 5 Vietnamese interior design trends that are expected to take the throne in 2022 that you should not ignore. After considering the designs, you should find a reliable interior design company in Vietnam to make your dream office become a real thing. Hope you have a beautiful and unique office template for your business.




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