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The best interior design company in Vietnam you should know

Today in Vietnam companies from small to large appear a lot. As a result, the need for workplace design grows. Many design firms are popping up to accommodate this need. But how can you choose the best alternative among hundreds of thousands? Refer to this article for more information on choosing a consultant unit of interior design Vietnam to help you create a creative and novel workspace and highlight brand personality through every design detail.

3 things to consider before choosing an interior design Vietnam unit

1. Finding information on a interior design Vietnam unit

Find out information about the unit on the mass media. On the website, you can read about the areas, products, strengths of the workspace projects that the company has implemented. If you want to know customer feedback, visit facebook or blogs. In addition, as much as possible, consult with relatives and friends. Especially those who have experience in making an office, they will suggest safe steps to have a perfect workspace.

2. Choose the right architect

As an architect, no one has a bad design, just how beautiful it is. And the fact that you will be confused in the middle of a forest of beautiful drawings. The concept of beauty is different for each person, the important thing is to find a common voice between you and the architect. And if there is no match at this stage, the results will be most evident on your own product.

You should choose a personality architect and a suitable idea instead of a shimmering idea and then become disillusioned because the reality is far away. An architect with a personality will rarely repeat the same design for many offices, they always show their creativity right in the drawings and product details suitable for each brand. So, in a suitable drawing, you not only see the beauty but also the most scientific and optimal layout for your office. 

3. Clearly in the terms and contract 

In this regard, you can partly assess how professional the company is. With long-standing companies, their contracts are always clear, unambiguous and have many favorable terms for customers. Please carefully consider each term from time, progress to warranty and maintenance, in order to avoid the most unfortunate cases that can happen.

Choose a leading interior design consulting company in Vietnam – ADP-architects

ADP is the most professional interior design consulting company with more than 14 years of experience and more than 700 design projects for multinational corporations in Vietnam. ADP provides customers with excellent service experience with a creative office within the most reasonable budget. The company operates with the core value of creating a new working space that contributes to improving employee satisfaction, increasing work efficiency, demonstrating the company’s position as well as providing support for employees. strategy and business goals of each client.

ADP-Architects and the 13-year journey of creating office interior design

More than 10 years is not a long way, but enough for ADP Architects to prove what they have, and really understand what customers need. ADP Architects is proud to be the unit that successfully implemented more than 500 office projects, of which 90% of customers are enterprises and multinational corporations. Some familiar and prominent clients of ADP Architects include Unilever, Johnson & Johnson (FMCG), Garena, Huawei (Technology), British American Tobacco, Puma (Manufacturing-Industry), Prudential (Resources). main-Insurance)…

What makes us different?

We work on: office design process – Impact On Different

Here are 6 steps in ADP’s IMPACT, ON DIFFERENT Office Design Process:

  • Survey and evaluate the existing workspace
  • Exchange and summarize business characteristics and project needs
  • Define the vision for the new workspace and plan the Space program
  • Build idea
  • Detailed design
  • Transition Management & Post-Operation Evaluation

Some outstanding projects:

 Axon Office with “spaceship” idea

Axon Office with “spaceship” idea

Unilever Office embodies the brand's identity

Unilever Office embodies the brand’s identity

 Interior design vietnam - BE Office

Interior design vietnam – BE Office

The idea of

The idea of “camping trip” in the office at Tiki

Contact information

Currently, ADP Architects operates in Ho Chi Minh City. Ho Chi Minh City and Hanoi, with 2 representative offices at:

  • Head office in Ho Chi Minh City: 1st Floor, 56 Thu Khoa Huan, Ben Thanh Ward, District 1
  • Hanoi Branch: 193 – 195 Kham Thien, Dong Da District
  • Hotline: +8428 3827 3660 (HCM) or +844 3217 1792 (Hanoi)
  • Website: https://www.adparch.com/


Choosing a reputable interior design company in Vietnam will help you to save money, time and effort, and avoid the risk of material damage. They will do all the steps from the preliminary concept to the careful cost setting, obviously giving you better budget control. If you are still confused between the options, please contact ADP-architects immediately for the fastest support.



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